Gain Complete Control of Your Office 365 Backup & Recovery Environment with our Remote Workplace Solution BackupSimple

Using cloud technologies such as Office 365 from Microsoft enables people to work seamlessly from nearly anywhere, accessing their files from any device and ensuring productivity and efficiency even in challenging times.

One of the main problems of running a remote business is that there is an increased chance of business data being lost - people new to these remote tools deleting content accidentally, old data being accidentally synchronised over the newest content, more remote devices and users connecting exponentially increases the risk of data being compromised or the standard platform retention periods not providing you with the coverage needed to be compliant with industry regulations.

Some of the following scenarios might certainly sound familiar and explain why you have to think about data backup & recovery at all:
  • Recovery of mailbox, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online data because a user has left the company or a license expired.
  • Ransomware attack on SharePoint or OneDrive because files are copied, encrypted and the original files are deleted by cyber criminals.
  • Malicious deletion of large volumes of data from Office 365.
  • Accidental deletion because a user accidentally deleted data from his Mailbox, OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online.
  • Hybrid solution challenges with some data being stored in O365 and some data in on-premises solutions like file servers, hybrid SharePoint orExchange deployments.

With Office 365 in place you might now get the impression that getting all of your data back in any of the above mentioned scenarios shouldn’t be an issue and is covered by Microsoft. However, Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result. When it comes to the data environment, each company is responsible for backing up its own data.

SoftwareONE’s BackupSimple service enables comprehensive and streamlined data recovery - centralizing all of your backup needs providing a single secure, scalable and resilient platform which you control. With a market-leading range of backup targets and simple pricing, per server or user, backup and recovery become simple. Simple setup. Simple support. Simple control.

All with no upfront capital cost or financial commitment:
  • Less effort & complexity – Automatically detect,compress and deduplicate your various sources of backup & manage on-premises/ hybrid/ cloud platforms to gain a neasyand accurate 360ºoverview.
  • Optimizing your operational costs – Consolidationon backup solutions, lowering training costs & reduction of unnecessary maintenance and support contracts.
  • Improve security & gain confidence – Full transparency about status of all backup jobs between public cloud and hybrid environments.