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About us

Who We Are

eGenisys is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genisys, a single-source provider of technology-enabled solutions worldwide. eGenisys was born as a result of the constantly evolving needs of our clients, and today we provide more than 60,000 products for a range of businesses.


Our vision and philosophy

Our customers are the sole motivation for everything we do. Our aim is to innovate, inspire and improve the lives of our clientele around the globe. We’re working towards that goal every day with our constantly evolving initiative.

Our Accreditations

Our accreditations

Delivering the best possible service is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. Our vision and philosophy is to offer continually evolving, high quality products. This is something we have managed to achieve over 30+ years, and has been recognised by the following accreditations. ISO 9001:2013 | ISO 14001:2013 | ISO 27001:2015

Fully-integrated IT services since 1985

eGenisys is part of the Genisys group, providing fully-integrated IT services to businesses around the UK.

eGenisys is a wholly owned subsidiary of Genisys, a single-source provider of technology-enabled solutions worldwide. eGenisys was born as a result of the constantly evolving needs of our clients, and today we provide more than 60,000 products for a range of businesses.

Where it all began

Founded in Woking, Surrey in 1985, Genisys began with a small team of five people. After five years, we opened our first logistics and configurations centre after acquiring many contracts in the South East of England. In 1993, we expanded into software, before achieving the coveted BS5750, ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 in 1995.

By the new millennium, having expanded into India and bought our first eBusiness, we opened our first software centre. By 2011, we had opened our own BPM service and achieved Microsoft Gold Partner status. By 2016, we were investing in cloud computing and have further expansion plans after successfully branching out into North America.

Genisys today

Today, we operate on three continents and strive to offer IT solutions for these specific areas. Our global team includes local account managers, who help to deliver projects to our clients around the world.

Our technology solutions can be made bespoke for virtually all environments, from large corporates to start-ups and educational institutions. We provide a wide spectrum of IT services from strategy and consulting to infrastructure and applications support, as well as IT-enabled and professional services.

Industry leading standards

We’re proud to say we have evolved into an agile, process-driven technology company with the needs of our customers at our core. We have spent over 30 years developing a worldwide reputation which has been professionally recognised with our industry accreditations such as the ISO 9001:2008. By demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the highest standards, we deliver only the best quality in IT solutions, products and customer service.
This reputation has helped us to build strong relationships with suppliers to help offer our B2B clients a range of IT products at competitive prices, as sold through our e-commerce platform, eGenisys.

Why eGenisys?

eGenisys was born out of necessity. As the e-commerce arm of a hugely successful global IT solutions provider, eGenisys provides over 60,000 products and services to clients across a range of industries. With over 30 years’ experience, eGenisys is run on the same principles of high quality, outstanding customer service and constant innovation that has made the Genisys Group so successful. Whether you’re a small business owner, a decision maker in a

large corporation or a stakeholder in a charity or educational institution, we can provide you with the best solutions to help make your operations a success.

Expertise across all sectors

Since 1985, our team at eGenisys has worked with clients from a range of industries to deliver bespoke IT solutions and products to enhance their businesses. Our infrastructure, software, data management and testing services have helped to power some of the biggest players in global industry.
Take for example, our success stories in the rail industry. We were tasked with updating a railway asset management company’s legacy IT systems, helping to consolidate data which was spread out across hundreds of physical servers and data racks. Using our cloud-based IT storage solutions, we were able to reduce the amount of physical servers and significantly reduce failure rates. That’s not all. We also work with non-profit organisations and the education sector, providing constantly evolving solutions to meet their needs. For example, we have helped to install and update security systems across the education sector to protect staff and students.

Ethics and quality

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best customer service, we work with only our most trusted suppliers. Thanks to these solid relationships, we can offer a huge range of hardware, software and office supplies at a significantly reduced cost. We make sure that this benefit is passed directly to our customers. Likewise, we ensure the purchasing journey is as simple and fair as possible; we offer a 14-day returns policy and a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
Our business ethics are reflected in our industry accreditations. Since the 90s we have held the coveted ISO accreditation, demonstrating quality across a number of business areas including production, installation and servicing. Among these accreditations, we achieved the ISO1 4001 in 2014, which shows our dedication to sustainable business practices. We have achieved these standards across two continents and apply their principles in everything we do.

Your trusted supplier

Over the years we have built a solid reputation with industry bodies such as Microsoft, with whom we have achieved the Gold Standard. Having worked to build these companies’ trust, we now want to build the same relationship with new clients around the world.
Whatever your business, dream or ambition, we promise to help you evolve just as fast as the technology around you. When you work with us, you’ll join a team of technical experts, account managers and project leaders whose main goal is to give you the outstanding service you deserve.